mr. wetcakesauce

mr. wetcakesauce

who is this for real?

kevin: yo craig, its kevin yo

wetcakesauce: ?

kevin: yo yo

wetcakesauce: oh shit.

kevin: you gettin the dirty’s?

kevin: hells yeah!

kevin: yo doggy diggity dog, yo. wha zup?

12:55 PM

kevin: yo sauce!!!!

kevin: cat got your tongue?

kevin: come on sauce! what is up, doggy dog?

1:00 PM

kevin: you flippin your bird?

kevin: you stinkin’ your wig?

wetcakesauce: who is this for real

wetcakesauce: you dont now me

wetcakesauce: you best be taking me on you do not call list

1:05 PM

kevin: come on sauce, why so angry for reelz?

kevin: its me KEVIN!

kevin: who be knockin boots with daniella? that dog davis! right?

kevin: you flippin your bird?

wetcakesauce: i dont now who this is but i will find out i have my ways.

kevin: who’s got the worm?

kevin: craig, come on diggity dog. why the frontin?

flyin off the poop handle and all

wetcakesauce: im going to find you out fool

kevin: why try? its me, kevin, dog.

kevin: wanna go skiing this weekend?

kevin: i got a new boat.

1:10 PM

kevin: i went to the dentist today. i have three cavities. isn’t that awful?

kevin: do you like candy? i surely do.

wetcakesauce: i now who you are

kevin: so do i, i’m kevin

wetcakesauce: you can fine alot out on the internet

kevin: i know! its an amazing thing the googles and all

1:15 PM

wetcakesauce: keep laughing wile you can tho

kevin: so you up for the lake this weekend dog?



wetcakesauce: you thing you a funny man huh

kevin: i can appreciate humor, sure. i read a lot of hemmingway when i’m sad.

wetcakesauce: i have youre real name

kevin: kevin?

kevin: its east to spell







wetcakesauce: you should watch out now

kevin: why? what up doggy dog?

wetcakesauce has gone offline.

you like a candy fist

wetcakesauce is now online.

kevin: yo dog! WHAT IS UP??? i’m on some wacko drugs becuz of these cavities! want some??

wetcakesauce: alright fool now you are going to have to answer to it

kevin: i just did at the dentist! too many sweets!

wetcakesauce: i now where you live to so dont worry about that

kevin: how them philly eagles doin this year dog?

wetcakesauce: you dont know me motherfucker so dont try working on that shit

kevin: given a hollar out to durham!

kevin: why so cranky sauce? you gettin no sleep?

2:00 PM

kevin: try some ambien if you can’t sleep.

it works wonders.

a proven sleep agent. whaazzzup?????

wetcakesauce: i now who you are so you best be lookiing out because it wont be pretty when it happens

kevin: oh skiing this weekend??? i’m down doggy dog. bring your mittens and thems dirty dirty’s!!!



kevin: you never responded, do you like candy?

wetcakesauce: you like a candy fist motherfucker

kevin: i just got a book on post-modern architecture you might find of interest, dog.

kevin: you so crazeeee

wetcakesauce: you can have fun now. it wont be to long either

kevin: LOL

kevin: some one needs a nap

kevin: how’s the insurance biz doin’ these doggity days?

wetcakesauce: you will have a time to sleep.

kevin: i sleep fine with my druggggzzzz

wetcakesauce: who the fuck is this? now you pushin on the edges

kevin: funny huh? i used zzzzzzzzzz’s for sleep! yay!

kevin: its kevin fooo

kevin: you so crazeeee

kevin: wacko wacko!

wetcakesauce: you fucking faggit motherfucker i will find you

kevin: its not hard. come on sauce! you goin to the tracks this weekend, or water skiing with me on my new ski’s and fancy water boat?

wetcakesauce: im fixing to blow a gasket on your ass. you best be on the watch

kevin: watchin the GAME then? drinkin some beeeerz?


you so crazeeee

kevin: what up with davis?

kevin: he so crazeeee

wetcakesauce: watch your back and then you now whats up

wetcakesauce has gone offline.

you ride on the smackdown expessed

AIM IM with wetcakesauce.

12:14 PM

kevin: THE SAUCE!!!

kevin: hey, i need your address. i want to send you some trinkets of joy and appreciation.

kevin: by the way, do you believe in contemporary magic, sauce?

wetcakesauce: i got you dialed in and its down the slope from here fool

kevin: address please.

wetcakesauce: you ride on the smackdown expessed

kevin:  can i get your home address please?


please sauce, please.

home address please.

wetcakesauce: 666 your mother streel ha

kevin: ok, zip code now please.

wetcakesauce: yeah you now it already since you have it in

kevin: true

kevin: and you know where i live as well.

kevin: do you like david lynch movies sauce? look at this link and watch his weather report (its in the bottom right hand corner)

kevin: maybe you can use that blockbuster video cash you got to rent one of his amazing feature films.

wetcakesauce: you dont now me so stop acting it i now you tho and soon you feel the heat like a hurcane

kevin: hurricanes are typically cool, if not cold. now if you would have said volcano eruption, that would have been more apt.

wetcakesauce: you now i bring the blast so dont play a game with it

kevin: this smackdown express i’m riding on is amazing!



wetcakesauce: yeah you star in one those movies called dead man walk

kevin: sean penn, good director! you called it sauce.

12:25 PM

wetcakesauce: you get a pen in you ear til it goes to your brain to ha

kevin: i saw him speak once, he said that hollywood aspires for the boredom of neutral comfort. i think that is quite telling. do you agree sauce?

kevin: now where’s that mailing address. i wish to send some contemporary magic your way.

wetcakesauce: yeah i saw hiler speak and talk about what going to happen to you

kevin: you must be pretty old. hitler? that’s some old school right there. but right up your alley with all the festering hate in you.

wetcakesauce: yeah old enought to eat your grandmas pussy ha

kevin: that makes absolutely no sense to me that you would say such a thing. it seems as though it might be an insult directed at me. however, if you think about it, its really only aimed back at yourself. you have a weird fetish for older women? ok, to each their own.

kevin: you never cease to amaze me sauce.


wetcakesauce: she was 7 i molested ha

kevin: you defy logic and time!


kevin: ABSTRACT!

12:30 PM

kevin: SAUCE!

kevin: SAUCE!

kevin: what’s up sauce?

kevin: get your crunk on this weekend?

kevin: do any meth?

wetcakesauce: yeah on your watch to so it works fine for us all ha

kevin: i haven’t a clue to what that means, but i love it!

kevin: it is contemporary MAGIC!

kevin: you feelin down today sauce? you seem kind of bored.

wetcakesauce: you have time to think then it will happen so be on it faggit

wetcakesauce has gone offline.

did you put a virus?

AIM IM with wetcakesauce.

12:50 PM

kevin: THE SAUCE!

wetcakesauce: who this

kevin: its kevin dog






wetcakesauce: you can tell me or i can dig threw the trash fool

kevin: TEAM KEVIN!

kevin: that’s not very gentlemanly.

kevin: you’re better than that sauce!

kevin: you roll like gold, not like the sewer!

wetcakesauce: did you put a virus your mother fuc ker

kevin: i’m not sure what that means. please rephrase friend.

kevin: are you inquiring about my health?

kevin: i’m in good spirits, dog. you?

12:55 PM


kevin: bringin the mittens!

wetcakesauce: you now i will find out but you wanna see where i am now watch this punk faggit

wetcakesauce has gone offline.

wetcakesauce is now online.

1:10 PM

wetcakesauce has gone offline.